Discussion Board Post: Homosexuality

February 3, 2010 at 12:32 am (Uncategorized)

Personally, I don’t believe that the answer to sexual orientation is as easy as defining it as a biological predisposition, or a conscious choice. Because of this, I consider it to be a nature vs nurture issue. People may be biologically susceptible to developing an attraction to members of the same sex, but that doesn’t mean they will. An example of a similar concept (not to in any way portray homosexuality as a mental illness or dysfunction in ANY way) is depression. In many cases, the chemical imbalances that are recognized as clinical depression are hereditary, but do not always manifest themselves. But if a person does carry the genetic predisposition for depression, a trigger (such as a traumatic experience) can cause them to become depressed. (Not to say that anybody can’t become depressed.) Similarly, a dormant tendency for homosexuality may remain dormant, whether due to conscious suppression or unconscious repression. But a trigger, such as a pleasurable homosexual encounter, or cultural acceptance, may cause this dormant tendency to emerge. Though biology does play an important factor, sexual orientation is a part of a person’s identity, and when it all comes down to it, it is one’s own conscious that decides how they wish to define themselves as a person.


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status rants

February 2, 2010 at 5:31 am (Uncategorized)

Rhea Powers hates it when she is plagued by the internal questioning of her own existence. Is meditation an admission to our guilty sense of ego-centrism? Or are we all simply a fragment of energy in the power synapses in the divine mind of the universe? Like trying to determine whether or not we are dreaming, how do we know we are not just energy signals floating in the void?

Rhea Powers

back in the day cartoons were different. but the odd balls with imagination are the ones that make it to the top, and the idea of entertainment has evolved into mesmerizing today’s children with grotesque, and otherwise poor excuses for cartoon animation. Rather than attempt to create engaging story lines that promote critical thinking and analysis… See More, today’s animators choose to grab and hold attention in that same way that a retarded person gets attention. We will always have a tendency to be fascinated by the grotesque and unfamiliar, and that is how today’s children are being engaged in cable television programming. The abuse of television will only facilitate an already deteriorating moral culture.

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Thoughts….i mean ThOuGhTz!!

December 23, 2009 at 7:26 am (Uncategorized)

So, another day in the life of a person.

But is everyday really not just an act?
Many say no.
Some live life to a set routine
Others live it one minute at a time.
For those who like to think of themselves as individuals or rebels,
do you not act that way in which you perceive yourself?

It is within the realms of human psychology to subconsciously conform to the standards and stereotypes to which we are objected to. In psychology, the Pygmalion effect and the Golem effect describe how people will take on positive (Pygmalion) and negative (Golem)  traits assigned to them by someone else. The book in which I read the chapter from is called “SWAY” and is written by Ori and Rom Brafman. The 2 effects together are referred to as the, “chameleon effect.” (Brafman 100)
So, in brief, the first part of the study involved a group of men, and a group of women. The women who had signed up for the communication study recieved a random phone call from a man in the other group. The women were to engage in casual chit chat with the male on the other end of the line, unknowing of any information of the person on the other end of the line. However, the men on the other end did have information about the women: A (fake) photograph. The men who were conversing with the women who they thought to be attractive, were actively engaged in conversation, and much more interested. The men who were conversing with women who they thought to be more plain and regular were less actively engaged and immersed in the conversation.
Afterward, the men’s halves of the conversations were separated from the woman’s, and reviewed by a jury. Based solely on the voices of the women, the jury was asked to determine whether or not the woman speaking was an attractive one. The jury came to the same conclusions as the men, except without photographs. How? When the men first viewed the photograph of the woman, they formed an opinion, which manifested itself within the conversation. The women couldn’t help but react to the cues, and unconsciously took on the characteristics that that the men had expected them to have. As the researchers had explained, “What had been a reality in the minds of the men had become a reality in the minds of the women.” (Brafman 103)
This type of study has also been used with different groups, including an Israeli Commander Training group. Same conclusion.

ANYWAYS, end of psychology lesson, back to what I was saying. Before the NyQuil dulls my thoughts further…
I was talking about how each and everyone one of us lives an act. Some of us are better than others. Some of us are so good, we can fool ourselves. This goes hand in hand with our purpose. Because as we all know, there is no purpose other than to exist and continue to participate in this shenanigan known as the universe. But how do we determine what part we play? I think that this is the real questions that people are asking when they meditate upon their purpose in life is. As similar as the two questions sound, they are completely different from each other. And as seemingly simple of a question that seems, there’s more answers than simply whether or not you’re a benefit to society. Like a droplet falling into the ocean, each one of us affects the others. Even the most seemingly worthless people in this world has a part. Whether it be to pose as a challenge, or help somebody realize their potential. Having realized the hard way how tricky suicide really is, I’ve come to terms with this theory as a way to justify myself taking up space on this planet. I must play my part, and in turn, help others play theirs. Insanity is true rebellion. For it is complete abandonment of their part in life that subjects them to true freedom, and ironically, incarceration. Whether it be involuntary or not, its the ones in the baby-blue and white gowns with the green sticky-bottom socks who really deserve to be wearing the black studded belts.

And now for some funny pictures!

Me and Neka (nekachubz.wordpress.com) in our TKD gear shipment box fort. We lucked out in the casting list of life and got crazy TKD instructors!

Christmas Tree vs. Suzi
Who will lose the most ornaments?
Who will puke up the most pine needles?
Only time will tell…..

Until next time….
Drink some coffee or eat a bagel or something…

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Another Post About the Nor’eastern Blizzard of 09

December 20, 2009 at 5:11 am (Uncategorized)

I come into work. The kids are all jumping with joy while informing me, “Its’ gonna snow 2 feet! It’s gonna snow 2 feet!” I set the though aside, with the knowledge that the minds of children tend to exaggerate anything they hear before it exits their mouths.

Friday Evening:
Staff meeting held at Thong Thai. It starts to snow, and sticks rather quickly. I toss a couple snowballs, and find that the snow must’ve made it to hell and frozen, because  I walk to get my car and find that it has been cleaned off by the person I would have least expected : Mateen. This pretty much puts me in a wonderful mood, which probably turns out not to be a great thing…
Chill at Jermy’s for a bit. Drive to Jordan’s with him and Matt. Car gets stuck, but we find an alternative route out of the neighborhood.
*The plot thickens, along with the snow*
The average speed of Rt 123 was about 25 mph. Cars in ditches. Due to my ginormous ego, i figure i can make it home if i play it safe.
I make it to the Peterman household, and told I can’t leave and that I will be staying in the guest room. I brush the though aside, knowing that I will just leave in a bit before the snow gets bad.
I go outside and find that the snow is higher than the front valence of my car. My VDub has been claimed by the storm…
I missed the escape window, and hit a wall of snow.

Now, I’m not complaining. I consider myself very lucky to be stuck in a warm home with my waffle skillet. However, this video here made me quite upset about being stuck in the ‘burbs during the storm.

That has to be the most epic snowball fight EVER! And you all know how it is: When something happens somewhere and you know exactly where it is, you feel like you missed out. Unfortunately, some idiot cop pulled a gun upon being hit with a snowball. WHO DOES THAT?! *sigh*

Anywho, here I am on night 2 at Jordan’s. Tomorrow, I shall devise my plot for escape. My dad, being the genius that he is, parked one of his cars by the main road when he realized that the storm was inevitable. Now, if he needs to get somewhere, like possibly getting me, all he has to do is walk about a mile and he’s free and clear. My neighborhood is apparently inundated, and therefore unescapable by any normal sized car or truck. Pictures will ensue, once I can return to my lair. Hopefully soon….

^ Pic that alex took with her camera.  http://alexmassey.wordpress.com

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irony for christmas

December 14, 2009 at 5:58 am (Uncategorized)

Today, I did some holiday shopping.

How is it, during the time of year when people are (supposedly) more cheerful and generous, the general shopper population actually seems to be more selfish and apathetic?

The spirit of the holiday is to spread the warmth and cheer, and in our characteristically consumer based mindsets, shopping is the means to an end. We search for the gift that will put a smile on the faces of the people we hold close to our hearts.

…even if we gotta bulldoze out way through the crowd.

Despite our supposed attempts to spread the holiday warmth and smiles, people will not hesitate to leave frowns and bruised shins in their wake. The desire to please has posed as nothing more than blinders.
Why is it that people feel their mission is more important?
What has caused this path of evolution into such a narcissistic society?
This is the age of entitlement. Of debauchery. Of ignorance. Of apathy.
As unsustainable as our dependency on foreign oil.

People like to think of themselves as islands.
But each of us is nothing but a single raindrop in the ocean.
As seemingly insignificant as we are as individuals
Each of us affects another, just as a raindrop sends ripples through the sea.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to catch a glimpse of who we really are as a society.
We are a herd of narcissistic cattle.

Become aware.
A smile can change someones day.
Change will come. You may as well be prepared.

It shouldn’t take a recession to show us what we can live without
and the importance of our affect on each other.

[No pictures for this post. Sorry!]

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December 13, 2009 at 3:39 am (Uncategorized)

My name is Rhea
I am a student.
and a teacher.
Working with kids has shown me, that as adults, we are no longer as observant as we once were.
The purpose of this blog will not be to rant,
But to observe and actively analyze the world in which we live.

We all view the world in different ways.
So speak up.

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Hello world!

December 11, 2009 at 5:34 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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